"Find what matters™"

Quertle's award-winning linguistic technology finds relevant, accurate information...fast.

Biomedical Search Engine

Find What Matters™

Quertle®.info demonstrates Quertle’s proprietary technology applied to biomedical information.  Find relevant documents right away, instead of wading through long lists of results.

Quertle.info is the easiest to use, yet most powerful search engine for the biomedical literature. Using cutting-edge, semantic-driven text analytics, Quertle finds conceptual relationships – not just the query terms scattered throughout a document – which provides the user with a concise, relevant list of information.

Other Innovations

Quertle’s innovative Power Term™ technology, representing entire classes of related concepts such as “diseases” and “proteins”, as well as automatic identification of key concepts, provides the user with the relevant literature and an easy, intuitive way to explore it.

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Content Delivery

Add Value to Your Project

Deliver focused, relevant biomedical content directly in your website or application, keeping your customers interested and engaged and adding value to your offering.

Content is automatically derived from Quertle®‘s award-winning biomedical search engine (or custom content sources) based on your criteria. Topics might include your company name or products for full-text search results.

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License Quertle® Technology

The Problem

FrustratedYou have great content.  Lots of it.  The key is effectively delivering that content to your users.  In the technical fields, that can be especially difficult.  Today’s searches of content are generally non-robust, sometimes giving users long lists of results and making them do the frustrating work of fishing out what they need.  And, even worse, sometimes missing the documents that are most critical to them.

The Award-winning Solution

Find What MattersQuertle® uses advanced linguistics to understand what the text actually implies, and hence to better identify relevancy – for searching, for content delivery, even for delivering targeted advertisements.  You, too, can use Quertle’s technologies for your own applications.

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